What is an API?

An API is a means of obtaining data directly from Liv-ex, rather than having to request it by phone or email. The data could be a single market price or thousands of market prices – or it could be an instruction to place a bid or offer. The API is the interface through which this automatic data exchange is achieved. A more in-depth explanation can be found here.

How APIs can help you

There are now over 6,000 active markets on the Exchange – wines with either a firm bid or offer against them – and 35,000 price updates are recorded daily. Using APIs you can take full advantage of this data and liquidity: increase efficiency and accuracy by automating processes; identify opportunities faster by customising your view of the Exchange and expand your offering by extending offers to your own clients.

On this website, APIs are grouped according to their common usage. These are just suggestions: the services can be combined or grouped according to your needs. Liv-ex is constantly expanding its offering according to the needs of its members. If you have ideas about how it could be improved, please get in touch.

How to gain access:

✓ Identify the APIs you are interested in. If you are unsure about how these products might help you, your Account Manager will be able to offer suggestions for possible usage.

✓ Contact data@liv-ex.com to receive access to the services

Technical overview for Developers

About the web API

Through the Liv-ex APIs your applications can retrieve and manage Liv-ex fine wine market data. The base address of the API is https://datafeed.liv-ex.com. There are several endpoints at that address, each with its own unique path.


Our Web API lets your application fetch data directly from Liv-ex, the world’s largest database of fine wine market information. Based on simple REST principles, our Web API endpoints return metadata in JSON or XML format.


Liv-ex data services use different kind of authentications. The standard GET services use either a username and password or a token to identify the user.  Services that POST, PUT or DELETE require a token and a secret key for user authentication.

User parameter standards for web service call:

User parameters are separated by ‘/’ as name and value pairs and each pair is again separated by ‘/’. All parameter names are case sensitive and after the request URL follows a defined sequence of:

{Parameter name} / {parameter value} pairs. Optional parameters are not required and can be left out in the call.

API Categories:

  • Trading opportunities: Increase your customer offering – without committing any extra capital.
  • Direct Market Access: Your system communicates with Liv-ex in real time, making sure that available stock on both systems stays in sync.
  • Trading alerts: Customise your view of the Exchange – and never miss out on opportunities to trade.
  • Valuations: The fastest and most accurate methods of producing custom valuations for fine wine collections.

Further categories:

Information coming soon – contact data@liv-ex.com if you are interested in these services:

  • Vine
  • LWIN
  • Market Pricing
  • Web Enhancements