Find the best trading opportunities – faster.

There are tens of thousands of products on the market, and their prices are constantly changing. So how can you make sure that you’re finding the best opportunities?


The Liv-ex Price API allows you to bring real-time price information into your internal systems. You can customise your view of the market by creating a separate list of wines that you or your customer is interested in. As soon as a new bid or offer appears, you’ll see it on your screen, meaning that you can act fast to buy or sell.

This could be a list of wines that your customer wants to buy – or it could be your own stock list. In this instance, you’ll see when bids appear on wines you want to sell.

It is also possible to receive alerts when new bids or offers appear on wines that you’re interested in.

How it works

You can use Price APIs to bring a variety of price points from Liv-ex, in several currencies, into your stock management or similar system. You can specify groups of wines – your list, or a customer wish list, for example – and view live data on these separately.

Build it with APIs

Price data API

Receive current and historic data for any wine in the Liv-ex database into your system on demand.

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Offers API

Receive active offer (for sale) information for any wine in the Liv-ex database.

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Bids API

Receive active bid (intention to buy) information for any wine in the Liv-ex database.

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Request access

If you are a developer or wine professionals, and you are interested in making use of our digital/automation services, we are happy to offer you a free consultation call. To set this up, please contact Neil Talor (Neil@liv-ex) who is Liv-ex’s Director of Data and Web Services.