Instruct shipping instantly

Arranging deliveries for your clients can be time consuming – and if you are scheduling several per day, the time quickly adds up. Why not automate?

If your wine is stored in the Liv-ex warehouse, you can arrange deliveries with a single click.

Some members have added delivery options to their stock management systems. All they have to do is click a button when a client requests wine, and all the relevant information is sent to Liv-ex automatically – including the delivery address. This removes the need to retype wine and customer data, turning a repetitive 15-minute task in to one that takes seconds.

You can also add a delivery option to your customer-facing web portal. This empowers customers to request deliveries without needing to send you an email or pick up the phone.

This technology has led to significant cost saving for merchants. One has saved an entire man year of costs, allowing them to deploy that individual into a more productive role.

How it works

When you’ve sold wine to a customer, their information is already stored on your system. After you or your customer selects the delivery option online, this is automatically forwarded on to Liv-ex, and we arrange the delivery.

Build it with Release API

Use the Release API to instruct the delivery of specific product from your Liv-ex logistics account. Both duty paid and in bond release are possible.

You can specify the receiving person/business, their address, any special instructions, and the delivery date. An excise number can also be supplied if required.

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If you are a developer or wine professionals, and you are interested in making use of our digital/automation services, we are happy to offer you a free consultation call. To set this up, please contact Neil Talor (Neil@liv-ex) who is Liv-exs’s Director of Data and Web Services.