Offer private client storage – digitally

Here’s a dilemma: Running a warehouse is expensive, time-consuming and fraught with risk, but offering storage to your clients is a great way to build loyalty. Is it worth the investment?

Fortunately, you don’t need to decide. Our APIs make it possible for you to easily store and manage stock on behalf of your customers, safely and securely, in Liv-ex’s UK warehouse. You can even give them control of their account via your online portal, where they can view valuation information and release stock for delivery. It’s like having your own storage facility, without any of the fuss.

How it works

As a Liv-ex trading member, you can store your stock, and your customer’s stock, in our UK warehouse. The warehouse is temperature controlled, highly secure, and managed by a team of trained experts.

You will automatically have a storage account, and you can easily create sub-accounts for each of your customers. Transferring stock into, between, or out of these is simple and can be managed from your internal systems or website.

If you want to give your clients control over their reserves, you can do this via your online portal. They can log in and view records on their collection, such as valuation and price performance information, and can release stock for delivery if you give them these permissions. Many Liv-ex members have already found this a great way to keep their customers engaged.

Build it with APIs

Cellar View 2 API

Use the Cellar View 2 API to keep your stock management system in sync with the Liv-ex warehouse.

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Ship API

Use the Ship API to move wine between sub-acocunts, and instruct Liv-ex to release wine for delivery.

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Pre-Advice API

Advise Liv-ex of the key details about the wines you need to deliver or release.

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Request access

If you are a developer or wine professionals, and you are interested in making use of our digital/automation services, we are happy to offer you a free consultation call. To set this up, please contact Neil Talor (Neil@liv-ex) who is Liv-exs’s Director of Data and Web Services.