Sell on Liv-ex automatically. Grow your audience instantly.

You have wine to sell. We have the largest pool of professional fine wine buyers in the world. Using a handful of simple APIs, you can advertise your stock to them – and many of their customers – automatically. This is already helping several Liv-ex members to grow their sales exponentially.

Wines are listed on Liv-ex until marked as sold on your system. There are no listing fees, and no limits to how much you can offer at one time. Just tens of thousands of eyes on your stock, 24 hours a day, all year round. Bringing wine to market has never been easier.

How it works

Selling automatically on Liv-ex adds another sales force to your business. It is likely that you already manage your reserves using a stock management system like Microsoft Navision or Vintner. You might already use these systems to power your ecommerce websites, or to manage your listings on wine search engines and other platforms.

Our APIs connect systems like these with Liv-ex so that your wines are advertised for sale on our trading platform automatically. You can set filters and parameters so that you stay in control of what is offered.

As soon as wine is sold, it will be marked on your system and you’ll receive a notification. Payment, which comes from Liv-ex, is guaranteed, and will be sent within seven days of the wine being received in our warehouse.

This is one half of DMA, Direct Market Access. The other half allows you to offer Liv-ex stock to your customers automatically.

Build it with APIs

Orders API

Use the orders API to place, edit and delete offers of wine on Liv-ex direct from your stock management system or website.

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Heartbeat API

Use the Heartbeat API to check that Liv-ex is up and available.

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Order Status API

Use the Order Status API to check the price and availability of specific bids and offers on Liv-ex.

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PUSH Service

Receive alerts generated by Liv-ex systems.

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Request access

If you are a developer or wine professionals, and you are interested in making use of our digital/automation services, we are happy to offer you a free consultation call. To set this up, please contact Neil Talor (Neil@liv-ex) who is Liv-exs’s Director of Data and Web Services.