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Producing stock valuations is an important aspect of what our members do, but is a time-consuming process when done manually. Using Valuation APIs from Liv-ex reports can be automatically generated for your own lists, your client reserves and any other lists you receive, saving your business a significant amount of time – and therefore money.

These valuations are produced using data from Liv-ex, a trusted and independent third party source. Methodology is transparent, offering you and your clients complete confidence in and independence from the results.

Get started: Regular valuations

  • Automatically produce valuations against a predefined list
    Regularly value client reserves or stay informed about the latest price movements of wines in your portfolio. Valuations are instant, accurate and trusted

Get started: Pricing on demand

  • Provide one-off valuations for lists or single wines

Technical information

Market Price service – Obtain the Liv-ex Market Price for a specific wine

Historic Market Price – Obtain the Liv-ex Market Price for a specific wine, at a specific point in history

Market Price difference – The difference between today’s Market Price and the price at a given day in history

Liv-ex professional – Complete pricing for customer reserves

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