What to expect from Liv-ex this week

  • The October Market Report will be published this week.
  • The 2017 and 2011 Bordeaux vintages are in the spotlight.
  • As is the ‘Lafite premium’ versus the other First Growths.

It’s a busy week for Liv-ex with the October Market report and several dives into the waters of Bordeaux due for publication.

October’s Market Report

The monthly Market Report will be out tomorrow (October 12th), with the usual mix of best-performing labels, headline scores and news from what proved a busy month in the secondary market.

The 2017 vintage was under the microscope at this year’s Southwold Tasting and we’ll be examining the performance of those wines in the context of their new scores as our ‘Final Thought’ for the month.

If you missed it last week, we published our first Quarterly Review, which looked at the most traded wines in Q3, as well as the wines that achieved the biggest return on investment. It also provided a brief summary of the market in the context of ongoing macro-trends.

2011 ten years on

The 2017 is not the only Bordeaux ‘off’ vintage having a retrospective this week, Neal Martin’s in-bottle review of the 2011s as they hit their first decade is also inbound.

Released in the wake of the blockbuster 2009s and 2010s, the performance of this vintage in the marketplace has been somewhat more robust than one might imagine.

Lafite’s premium re-examined

It has been some time since we last looked at the premium Lafite commands versus its fellow First Growths.

From its China-driven peak, Lafite’s premium over the other four First Growths was slowly whittled away but activity this year has been robust, could it be on the rise again? Find out in our article on Thursday.

If you can’t wait until then, you can see the latest Lafite trades and prices here. You can also compare historic pricing with other wines, vintages, indices and other assets using our new charting tool here.